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  I have a Kenmore model 106.78942891 refrigerator that has an ice maker in it. Recently we have found water in the main part of the fridge. I would imagine the only place for water to come from is the ice maker. (the only water source). I took it apart and found all kinds of hair on the coils and vacuumed that out but it is still happening. Do you think I just need to "defrost" the freezer or is there something I need to replace? The drain pan in the bottom by the coils is dry and nothing coming out of the drain tube.
  Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

The problem you are experiencing is normally a blocked evaporator drain line.  Whether you have a side by side model or a top mount freezer the solution is relatively the same.  Most top mount freezer models have a rear evaporator panel covering the aluminum evaporator coils.  There are some instances where the evaporator coils are on the floor.  These instructions are for top mount freezers where the rear freezer panel covers the evaporator coils.  First of all, if there is an ice maker in your unit, this will have to be removed.  Normally there are two screws which can be loosened and the body of the ice maker can be lifted off the screws leaving only a plug in harness to disconnect.  Remove the harness either from the plug at the left wall or rear of the freezer and set it to the side.  Next, remove all the screws securing the rear panel.  Remove the rear panel exposing the aluminum evaporator coils.  Be careful not to damage these coils as they contain the freon that cools your refrigerator.  If you look closely underneath these coils, there will be ice from frozen defrosted water.  Using a hair dryer and not a heat gun, melt all the ice and sop up the water with a towel.  Now you will see a drain hole which is normally still blocked with ice.  Pour hot water in this hole and sop it up.  Keep doing this until you pour water down the hole and it drains into the evaporator drain pan either under or behind your refrigerator.  Once you have unblocked this drain line, reassemble and plug the refrigerator back in.  Set all controls to the middle settings and  within 24 hours, your unit will be functioning correctly once again.  If you need further assistance, we are here.  

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