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QUESTION: We are looking to replace 20+ year old mismatched heat pump (Janitorol air handler with carrier compresser) probably  functioning at about 8 seer (5 ton). We would like to go with gas furnace and air conditioner as our city is offering $1400 rebate.I have narrowed down the quotes to these two which are fairly close in price but different in type of system (4 ton vs 5 ton) and the second quote includes repairs/changes to ductwork that first contractor did not even mention. (Please note that option 1 was quoted by a salesperson who visited my home and option 2 was quoted by the owner of a smaller HVAC company who viewed my system and every room in my house) I would like your opinion:

1) American Standard 5 Ton 16 seer
Furnace: AUD2d120B9V5 (2 stage heat, variable fan)
Condenser: 4A7A5061E1 (2 stage)
Warranty: 10 Yr labor/parts/compressor and limited life time on heat exchanger

2) Trane 4 Ton 14.5 seer, 12.0 eer
Furnace: TUD2C100A9VV5VB (variable speed)
Condenser: 4TTR5048E1000A (single stage)
Warranty: 2 yr labor/10 yr parts/compressor, limited lifetime  heat exchanger

The install for both is the same EXCEPT #2 identified the following that he will fix: replace 2 damaged flex lines, install manual air volume dampers in all supply ducts to balance , increase one return duct from 14 to 16, seal all duct connections with mastic.  and #2 states his flue install will include roof flashing and vent cap

My home: North Florida, eastward facing, 2618 SF, Attic insulation R-30, Shaded lot.Double pane windows, 2 skylights in living room

Both contractors did load calcs and came up with different values...
The cost of the two systems is within $500. However, cost aside, I would like to know which system will function most efficiently and which is sized correctly for my house. (Layout attached - A & B are under heat/air, C&D are not)Also, should I be concerned that #1 did not identify any issues with the duct? Is having a 5 ton compared to the 4 an advantage or disadvantage (i.e. is bigger better or is it a hinderance)?

This is so complicated to the lay person like me so I appreciate ANY input to help me make an informed decision. Thank you!

Note: I have uploaded the load calc for option 1. I will add for option 2 once I figure out how to add 2 more images!

I don't have spec's on the models you listed.
The best way to tell what you need is compare with the existing?
If you have 5 ton now is it adequate, are you satisfied with 5 ton etc.
I don't know what you have to purchase to get the rebate.
You can do better price wise getting prices from other then the big name brands.
If your existing  duct work dose the job using 5 ton don't fix it.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I do have a 5 ton system now but it is difficult to know if it is functioning well. It does run. It cools and heats but does it do it efficiently? I have no idea. How would I know if the duct work was not adequate? Would there be telltale signs? when we are home (winter and summer) we set thermostat at around 70. That can still feel a bit chilly in winter and in summer it can feel hot (turn on ceiling fans). For the rebate the only requirement is to purchase a gas furnace.

How hot dose it get in North Florida,
What do you want the inside temperature to be when it get's that warm out side?
How cold dose it get out side what temperature do you want it to be inside?
How dose your want's compare with your existing.
I'd forget about two stage anything and just go with normal every day equipment.
if your existing 5 ton's of cooling causes your cooling coil to freeze/ice over then you most likely need some duct changes, if you don't have freeze up's the air supply is most likely ok as is, if your not getting air flow where you want it it's another story.
I don't know how much heat you have BTU wise?
When it's as hot as it gets outside and the AC is on dose the thermostat ever reach the set temperature and the unit turns off for a while? Same thing with the heat? what's your houses square footage not including a basement.

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