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My Rheem Corsair AC compressor, Model FADB-037JAS loses refrigerant either internally or through its related tubing or equipment. I have been told the entire system - compressor, heat exchanger, tubing, etc must be replaced as a unit because of obsolescence. The unit was serviced, tightened up, etc. by an apparently knowledgeable guy last June and recharged with coolant; but it ceased working again before the end of the cooling season.

My residence is one of four, side by side two story units in a four unit structure in a multi-structure condominium development. The Rheem Compressor is mounted in clear sight on my roof and must, therefore, be reasonably uniform in appearance with the similar units on my neighbors' roofs. So, if this unit is no longer manufactured, I need to replace it with a look alike unit that will satisfy my development's architectural committee.

My questions, then, are (1) does it make sense to you that I'd have to replace the entire system if the compressor is bad and (2) how do I shop for a unit of nearly identical dimensions and appearance?

Hi John,

To better answer your question I would need to know how old you system is. If you can send me the serial number, I can find out.
A bad compressor or an obsolete model does not mean you have to replace the entire system. Replacing a compressor can be expensive, but depending on you situation, it might make since to just replace the compressor. All manufactures phase out different models. But there is always a unit that would be compatible with your system. I like to give the customer the option of repair or replace. There are times when its best to replace the system. But that should be up to the customer. A second opinion might help to decide.

Did the guy that came out last June try to find the leak? If he didn't, he should have.

As far as matching the other units on the roof this should not be a problem. I can help you with that if this is what you decide to do.

Keep me posted.

I hope this helps.

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