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Hello Mr. Campion,

My old frost free Magic Chef fridge (Model #AG518) is leaking water onto the floor. The ice maker is not connected, doesn't have water running to it. After some online research, I checked the drip pan, it was dry and without any cracks. I also checked the drain plug under the crisper and it is clear. Inserted a pipe cleaner to make sure, then ran some water through it. However, while I was doing that, I noticed the gasket at the bottom of the door was hanging down. I finally manged to reinsert the gasket into it's proper place, but it took me quite awhile as the nuts were difficult to turn, so the door was open for at least 10-15 minutes. Now there is even more water leaking onto the floor, soaking a large bath towel every 20 minutes or so.

I tried checking for a clogged defrost line, but I don't know how to remove what I believe to be the back cover inside the freezer. There is an upright shoebox shaped panel that flares out a bit against the center of the back wall of the freezer. It has one screw in it which I removed and I am able to pull the panel away a bit at the top, but the bottom won't budge and I am afraid I will end up breaking it.

Is it possible that the panel was not meant to be removed and if so, is there anything else you would suggest I try? I never attempted any appliance repairs before and would so appreciate any advice or suggestions.

Thank you,

You should see a gasket around the floor that you must peel up to access the screws to remove the floor.   I cannot find info on your particular model number, but this info was typical of the style you are working on.   Hope it applies.   So sorry  I could not be more specific.  

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