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i'm in the process of getting a new furnace. i currently have a HEIL model# NUGE080KG01 which is approximately 25 years old. i recently got an estimate for Lennox ML195 (70K BTU - 95% AFUE) and a Tempstar model# TEHN9MSB0801716 (80K BTU - 92% AFUE). both are similar in price. i don't understand why one contractor is prescribing a 70K BTU and the other a 80K BTU. i'm not sure what my HEIL model is rated at BTU wise. which, between the Lennox or Tempstar do you recommend ?

Hey Wally,

By looking at your model# you have a 80K BTU furnace and probably about a 80%. The output would be 64K. The Lennox will deliver 66.5K. The Tempstar would be 73.6K. The Tempstar contractor probably just wanted to matched your old unit. I think the Tempstar would be oversized. I have a Lennox system in my home, its over 15 years old and still running strong.

Make sure that the new evaporator coil in the new furnace matches your existing A/C unit. If you can send me the model#, I can tell you what you need.  

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