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My unit stopped blowing cold air this weekend.  When I noticed the house was not cooling I went outside to see if outdoor unit was working and it was not ( indoor was running).  The unit was buzzing and the metal above the fan motor was very hot.   I shut down the unti until my warranty service could come look at the problem.  They indicated the issue is the defrost control board.  They said it was fried.  Some how they have the ac working, but said the heat would not work until i replaced the defrost control.   Does this sound right? of course they are saying the defrost control is not covered


Your outdoor fan wire hooks to the defrost board, all they had to do is remove the fan wire(s) from the board and attach together,basically bypassing the board.Then your A/C should work.You seem to indicate that your A/C is OK. If indeed the defrost board is bad and they plan on charging you a high fee for the board and labor,you can buy one online and install yourself. try to get a OEM board. you can install at a fraction of the cost they would charge. If any wires that go to the board are burnt  at the tips ,you cut off the bad piece and replace with new terminals then hook up to the board.

If you do not have emergency heat then yes your heat pump will not work in heat mode very well.

If you have emergency back up electric heat all you have to do is switch at the t-stat to emt. or aux. heat if your t-stat has that option.

If you have 2nd stage heat ( electric ) and do not have a emt. or aux. mode it suppose to come on when the heat pump can't handle the load ( 2nd stage calling at the t-stat ) then you can run it  at least to warm up the house then shut the system off. Because the first stage heat will still be calling ( your heat pump does not work ) so your blower fan will never shut cycle off as long as 1st stage heat is still calling.  

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