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My outside unit is missing a good amount of the fins.  I have dogs and I'm assuming that is why I now have the problem.  I can't afford to buy a new unit. Is there anything I can do or will it stop working soon.

Dog urine will dissolve the aluminum fins that surround the copper tubing rows. As a result of this the air flow from the condenser fan is able to bypass the rest of the existing finned areas as they represent more resistance than the open area caused by the dogs peeing on the unit.
I have used sheet metal and pop riveted and self tapping screwed a cover to block the open are so to force the air to pas through existing finned coils. It will not operate optimally this way and the more area missing the more pronounced the effect. It will depend on the units age and condition and state of charge as well of course but the open area in the condensers coil is sub optimal as it increases is more detrimental to the units operation.

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