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QUESTION: I have a leak in my underground freon (R-22) lineset. My house is 26 years old and the copper is directly buried in the soil (sand). I want to go up the wall and through the attic with the replacement. Approx. 35' between units.Should I run both lines in a PVC pipe #with foam insulation on the suction line#? Is it okay to just run it in PVC up the wall and leave it uncovered in the attic? Any tips to help me?
Thanks so much, David

ANSWER: David,
The suction line needs to be insulated in it's entirety from the condensing unit to the cooling coil.
You can buy a 35' line set with the insulation on it ready to go already, you can cover the line as is or leave it as is.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the fast response. I realize the suction line needs to be insulated completely and I will. I wasn't sure if it would be better to put the full length of the lines in a PVC pipe (including the part going through the attic or if it is just as well to anchor the lines (with insulation on the suction side)to the ceiling joists and only put PVC pipe over the outside part from the attic to the condenser.

Thanks again

If you get a line set the insulation is already on the big line, The insulation is for the purpose of keeping the line from  and dripping water all over the place.
Usualy covering the line set is for protecting it from animals, vermin, kids etc.
Other wise you need only to support it with hangers/straps, usually the low voltage thermostat type wire is run along with the line set, taped on from condenser to unit, anamils and vermin love to pick at the wire.  

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