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Hi Jim,
My air handler motor stopped working at home. I called a tech who suspected that run capacitor got bad and so he replaced it. For first 6 hours, it seemed to run fine although with some noise however later the noise level increased and I noticed that at times, motor was not running as if not enough torque. I then called York to get specs of capacitor originally on the unit (my tech took away the old part with him) and was told that it was 7.5 microfarad. What I have now is 6 microfarad one which also has a 100K resistor mounted in parallel (which was not there on my old one as I recall).

Does the problem I have is because of motor itself or lower microfarad rating capacitor and/or 100K resistor mounted in parallel with the capacitor?

i will greatly appreciate a response.

All I know about that stuff is replace it with the same as was on it original or with what ever is a certified replacement.
Check the schematics pasted on the blower compartment door to see what is called for.
Call the "tech" and ask them to stand behind there service or else?

Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC

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