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I'm hoping you can assist me. My mom has a York central air/heating system that is about 5 years old. Last year the AC stopped cooling well. Her neighbor who is in the field, added freon but told her it's a temporary fix. I am going to call someone to look at it but I would like to know what it might be. I don't want her to get ripped off. I realize it could be more than one thing, but I'd like to have an idea so I'm not going into this blind. What is the worst case scenario? I'd appreciate your help. Thank you.

Assuming your mom has a split system (condenser unit outside, air handler unit inside?).
The outside condenser unit has a compressor inside and a condenser fan that blows air up^, for cooling both need to be running,
There are two copper lines that go from the outside unit to the inside unit, the smaller line should be hot/warm and the larger line that is insulated should be ice cold under the insulation that covers it.
If the ac worked when the neighbor added freon then then you can assume that not having freon was the problem.
Freon doesn't get used up if there is not enough freon in the system it has had to be let out or leaked out.

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