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I recently noticed water on the floor under my inside air handler.  Further investigation revealed an inch and a half crack in the plastic condensate pan that runs under the A coil.  Even though this two ton Heil system is only three years old and under warranty, the A coil had to be replaced last December when it refrigerant leaked and it cost me $400 in labor and puron. It will probably be another $400 or more now that the condensate pan has to be replaced. I was wondering if there is something you could recommend to try sealing the crack, such as 100% silicone caulk.  Plumbers putty didn't work.

There isn't any pressure involved, if your "air handler is for cooling only it shouldn't be a problem, You could use plastic roof cement.
On the other hand If heating is involved I don't  know other then replacing it?

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QUESTION: I'm in north Florida and this is a heat pump system so the coils will provide heat some of the time. The plastic roof cement is an idea I hadn't thought of.  I wouldn't think the coils would radiate so much heat that it would effect the roof cement. There is also a product called "Goop" that I may try. Thanks.

If you don't have an electric emrgency heat strip in the air handler you may be ok with the plastic roof cement (not the asphalt roof cement).
You don,t want it to get hot enough to melt and run down through the crack.
I know the plastic roof cement will stand up on a roof when it's prouably 130-140 degrees in the sun.
I never read the label on a can?

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