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The contactor is going on and off constanly umtill it shuts down the compresor hvac company comes in and see the contactor ging crazy for about 20 seconds and he does not have any idea wats going on. He  stars checking with the meter and afther a wild he tells me compresor is burned to the ground . He gives me a estimate for new compresor and whe he lives the house the the ac unit strts and the compresor stars also but then the contactor start going crazy again and it clicks and clicks for several times and then shuts down.

The contactor is just a switch, when the thermostat calls for cooling it sends 24 volt low electric power to the contactor which snaps the contactor contacts together kind of like a magnet which in turn sends electric power to the compressor and condenser fan.
your contactor may have a loose wire connection, dirty contact points, or just plain be faulty and need changing.
turn the 220 electric breaker off to the condenser and check the contactor where the two sides snap together.

Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC

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