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I wrote to you the other day about the distance between the outside vent pipes and attached a picture showing they are only 3" apart while the manual says it needs to be 12". I know this needs to be fixed. I would like to avoid having them cut another hole in my house 12" to the side and then patch the one where the existing pipe is. I came across this picture online. where they added a gooseneck extension to the exhaust pipe making it the 12" up instead of sideways. Would this accomplish the same thing?

Hello, Phil!

Sorry to take so long getting back, but I'm traveling (San Diego today, Mexico tomorrow).

I couldn't find anything on the Frigidaire M/N you quoted Thursday afternoon (Seems like there should be a number or two after the "G"), and I'd be very reluctant to install the termination differently from what's shown in your Installation Instructions.

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