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QUESTION: Hi, over the winter I installed a new Weil-McClain boiler with a Beckett oil burner. It has the heating coil for domestic hot water. The problem is the furnace won't heat the water unless the thermostat is calling for heat.  With the warmer weather now here, I need to have hot water without having the my heat on. Any idea where my problem lies?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




I do. You don't have a separate water heater. :<)

Seriously, it sounds like the installer didn't set it up correctly. Call him back.

As to my initial comment, I think you'll find it's quite expensive to use a heating boiler to generate domestic hot water when you don't need space heating. If that's the case, a separate water heater will cure that.

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QUESTION: Hi Fred, again thanks for taking the time to respond to my questions. I figured the installer missed something on the set up. But that's why I turned to you for advise. I was the installer. I'm typically very handy and not afraid to tackle any job around the house. So I gave this a shot. I was a union tin knocker for twenty years and had my SM -2 license however I never did heating and a/c work, only architectural sheet metal. I have any tools needed just lacking a little guidance at this point as to where I went wrong on the set up.....thanks, Bill

ANSWER: Well, Bill you just told me you committed an illegal, and quite possibly an unsafe act: Installing a boiler without a license or a permit. You can't really expect me to aid and abet, can you?

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QUESTION: I been a contractor for over 30 years and I never heard of such a law where a homeowner can't do work on his own house, but if that's illegal then I certainly wouldn't want you to aid and abet.....I guess I'll have to head down to the supply house where I purchased it and ask them for advise. I suspect they shouldn't mind aiding and abetting since they're already involved byillegally selling me the boiler....

I'm just glad I didn't tell you I've installed my own kitchen, bathrooms, windows, flooring, siding and roofing....


I didn't think about homeowners being permitted to do their own work, but you reminded me of my son's home in California: He needed some water piping done, so I flew out there and worked with him to "get 'r done" after he'd taken out the required permit, and when the inspector came through, he commented favorably on our work and approved it. So I legally "aided and abetted" him.

If you applied for the required permit and had your work inspected by the "AHJ" (Authority Having Jurisdiction), please forgive me.


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