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I would like your opinion on manufacturers for HVAC capacitors. I have 2 units that use 60/5 440 volt and 50/5 370 volt.  I live in an area that gets very hot in the Summer averaging 100 degrees. I am having to replace them every 1-2 years. Is this normal? What is the average lifespan of capacitors? What brand do you use and recommend?

Funny you ask this...

Many of the run caps sold here in the US are made in China and elsewhere. They just do not last and it is no surprise you keep getting failures.   The local supply house here is selling only the American made run caps.  The truth is that the US made ones are only a couple of bucks more, but are far better.  I would buy American made.  I buy nothing but AmRad Engineering caps!  So far no failures and they stand behind the product for 5 years.  This is their website: (http://www.motor-runcapacitorsonline.com)  You might considering searching around for the best price.  You can Google search "American made run capacitors".


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