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My central air/heat unit was recently struck by lightning with my wife and i both present. This happened during the night and we were both suddenly awakened to the strike. The next morning my wife made mention that it was hot in the house and the air must not be working. I found that the outside unit would not run and the breaker was thrown. Upon further inspection from my air service man, we found that the lightning has blown a hole in the copper line to the compressor. My insurance company is denying my claim saying if it was lightning it would be black or burned around the hole. My air conditioning man and an independant Reliability Engineer (and Electrician) where i work both dissagree with the insurance company. They both have examined the physical evidence and the photos that i have of the tubing and strongly believe the electrical was caused by the lightning, at which time the refrigerant was quickly dispersed allowing the compressor to heat up and fail and also tripping the breaker. Please give me your proffessional opinion.

I'm not an expert on lightning strikes, I don't know who your insurance company is?
The only thing I can suggest is contact the Better Business Bureau, or DORA, If they can't help you they can tell you who to contact.
you may have to go to small claims court?

Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC

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