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We are in the market for a new AC system.  We are leaning toward buying a 14 SEER Amana.  Have heard some complaints on this brand, but also most people say that the installation is the most important part of the process.  A major selling point has been their 10 year parts/lifetime compressor warranty, by far the best warranty I've found.  Should a good warranty like that tip the scales in choosing?  Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Amana is owned by Goodman.  I am not a huge fan of Goodman, but they do come with a good warranty.  Just make sure you fill out the paper and keep the rules required to get the warranty.    The work of the installers is more important then that of the brand.  There are many opinions out there, and there are those that stand behind the Goodman/Amana products...


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