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I live in Florida and my air conditioning unit is a Rheem which is 7 years old this month.  In November, I had the a/c serviced and was told that my filter dryer which is outside is corroded and should be replaced.  Well, my air is fine, no problems.  I looked at it today to see the 'rust'.  I thought I could wrap it in something or spray paint it.  I touched it and the bottom sort of fell apart, don't know if it is wrapped in something or if the item is soft.  Question is, when should this be replaced?  Do I wait to have issues with the air conditioning or should I have it replaced now?  I am home for the summer.  Also, I was quoted about $400.00.  Someone mentioned to me, that when this is replace ALL the Freon is replaced as well which is pricey.  Please advise if I should replace the filter dryer before something occurs and an idea as to the price.  (I will call a few of the local business's whom have been in the area for a while.)  Thank you.  I was also told that my 'Blade' was bent and needed to be replaced.  how does something like this get bent?  Only when serviced?  The blade sits inside a cover.  If it is bent was it bent during servicing?  If so , they are the only company that ever serviced the unit. What are your thoughts on this?  they said that the unit shakes.  I thought when I have a second opinion that they may notice.  Any thoughts on this as well?  Thank you for any response.  - G

Hi Gayla,

The only time you should replace the filter dryer is if the system  has to have the freon removed for some kind of service. Just because the dryer paint is flaking off doesn't mean it is bad. That is very common on most dryers. One way to tell if the dryer is clogging up is look for moisture on the copper line between the filter and where it goes in to the house. If this is cold the filter has a restriction. After saying all that , no I would not replace the dryer.

As for the bent blade, it could have been bent when the top was taken off to clean the coil or something fell in when it was running. Do you see the blade shaking?

To replace the dryer all the freon has to be recovered into a tank. After the dryer is replaced the same freon is put back into the system.

I hope this helps.

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