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Hi Joe
This spring so far has been the most humid I can remember.
We got a new AC installed, the kind that is enclosed in ducts and sirs over the furnace, about five years ago. The old one kept freezing up. This one has worked OK until recently. Last summer I noticed the cool air wasnt coming out of the floor vents as cold and fast as it used to, and this year I noticed a leak. It seems to be coming from a hairline crack between the top of the furnace and the duct. The actual overflow hose sits about two inches above this, and has never had any water come out. I checked the hose by blowing into it and it is clear.
Do you think it is normal to drain water, but the fact the actual outlet hole is too high is making it leak out farther below? I sprayed around rubber sealant all the edges of the duct where it connects to the furnace. It seems to have reduced the leak, but I may re-apply. I also put a portable dehumidifer next to the furnace.
Thanks for your thoughts, hope your summer is going well!


Use foil tape to seal any air leaks around the furnace to ductwork.The drain line has two connectors, the lower one on the indoor coil is your primary drain the higher one ( a good idea to have it hooked up also.) is your secondary drain. The water is suppose to only come out of  the primary drain,if it gets plugged then the water suppose to come out the higher secondary drain.Try clearing out the primary drain line ( which should have a trap installed on it. )by using a wet/dry vac at the end of the outlet.If it drains outside you can use a garden hose and backflush the drain line from outside. If the air is not coming out as cold as previous years ,you may have developed a refrigerant leak.  

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