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We have a 3600 sq ft home with a basement suite. Our home is heated/cooled with a natural gas fired furnace/heat pump. In the winter, we find the basement and top levels are quite cool, while the main level is comfortable. In the summertime, the main level is comfortable while the basement level is really cold and the top level is really hot. There is only one thermostat in the entire home which is located in the hallway of the main level. What we would like to do is somehow regulate and distribute the heating/cooling a little better throughout the home...maybe by blocking some of the vents?? For example, with it being summer right now, we are using the air conditioning quite often. We would like to block the vents completely from the basement level as that area does not require cooling as it is already naturally colder on that floor. We would then like to try to get more of the cooling to the second floor to make sleeping a little more comfortable. Another example would be in the winter time to get less heat on the main floor with more heat in the basement.

Any suggestions you may have on how we can accomplish this would be very much appreciated :o)

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Ideally you should install a two or even a three zone system . I would say due to your size of house and probably having many supply and return(s) registers, closing off the duct feeding the basement would not hurt the system. Basically a zoned system does that to a point. I've seen many Commercial buildings and Residential homes with closed registers. Again a better solution would be to zone your system.  

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