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QUESTION: I just had my ac checked today because it would take over almost an hour to go
from 78 down to 77 and then stay on another 40 mins. before kicking off. Anyway
while here the tech opened up my unit in the basement. He disconnected a red
jumper wire and hooked it directly somewhere else. He said it would give my
blower more power. It certainly did but now the blower motor stays on for a
minute or so after ac kicks off. Is that normal?

ANSWER: Hi bill, yes this is normal. He probably  moved the wire to hi-speed fan which is where it needs to be for AC.

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QUESTION: THKS!Should I leave it wired to hi-speed fan during the winter months also? The blower motor also doesn't stay on 100% of the time after compressor kicks off, but mostly the first few times the AC comes on after it's been turned off awhile. Is that ok?


During the heating season the fan should run on med speed. There should be a relay that changes the speed automatically. that relay might be bad, the Tech should have checked that. Some units have a time delay relay that will keep the blower on after the condensing unit has shutdown. Either way it is nothing to worry about.

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