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Hello Joe,

Recently got a new A/C installed (condenser + evap coil).  I noticed that the evap coil has a small air leak, but it appears to be a part of the design?  See the pic in this link -- the air is leaking from the vertical seam in the front in this image (this is not the exact same coil but looks very similar): http://m3.e-heatingcooling.com/40775-38448-thickbox/capf3030b6-cased-upflow-down

Is this normal?  It seems it'd be hard to tape with the bolts, but can sealant be used or should it be left alone?  It's not a ton of air but it is noticeable.



Any complaint should be directed to the installing Contractor.You should have a labor warranty that the Contractor supplies. Some air leaks are not unusual.You can use foil tape or a sealicant.The link did not open for me so I do not know exactly what you are talking about.Again I would deal with the installing Contractor.

I was able to view the link, the vertical seam is the access panel to view/repair/clean the indoor coil,Tape with foil tape, and you should be OK.

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