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QUESTION: Our freezer will only cool to 15 degrees F at the coldest setting. The refrigerator cools to 35 degrees. How can we get the freezer to cool better? Thanks.

ANSWER: Please supply the brand and model number of the unit and I will take a closer look at it to see what advice I can offer....Before replying, remove food from the freezer section and look on the entire rear inside panel.  Do you see frost building up on this panel?

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QUESTION: The refrigerator is a Kenmore model 253.6480240E. There was no visible frost. I look forward to your assistance.

Before going too far into this diagnosis, we need to do what I refer to as the finger test.  This test will determine if the problem is in the sealed system or other areas causing the problem.  All repairs made to a unit can be performed with relative ease until there is a problem with the sealed system.  One common problem is a restriction, Freon leak or finally, a weak compressor.  I need you to remove the inside freezer section evaporator cover to inspect the evaporator coils.  Most generally, all the food, shelving and ice maker (if applicable) must be removed.  Next, remove any screws related to the removal of the evaporator cover.  If you see frost building up on the outside of the cover, scrape with a putty knife or incorporate the use of a hair dryer to remove the frost/ice.  Most often there will be a screw hiding in this frost/ice build-up (if applicable).  Once you have the cover removed, inspect the frost/ice pattern.  Is it evenly built up top to bottom, front to back?  If it is evenly built up, the problem is most likely a defrost problem, easily repaired.  If, on the other hand, there is only a build-up of frost/ice in one area, this could possibly be a sealed system problem.  Use a hair dryer and remove all the frost on the evaporator coils and then plug the unit in and make sure the compressor is running.  For the next half hour or so watch the Freon line move slowly along the coil.  The line should begin freezing the evaporator coil as it moves along the line.  When finished moving, the evaporator coils should be frosted, front to back, top to bottom and left to right.  If you wet your finger and touch each portion of the evaporator coil, your finger should lightly stick to the evaporator coil in the area that you touch.  If not, the problem is within the sealed system and cost of repair is more than 200.00 depending on the exact problem.  This repair requires special tools and skills..Most often if your refrigeration unit is older, not worth the repair because of the cost.  Let us know what you find.  If we can help further, we are here.  Eric & Ann  

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