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I have an AC unit in my home.The inside unit is making a whirring noise almost like a something is in the blades of a fan. The air is coming out cool but the sound can be heard through the vents. What is the problem? It just started today.


If you have fiberboard ductwork ,possible a piece of duct came off on your return side and lodged near the blower wheel. Also your return duct(s) must be free of obstructions and the louvers must be clean .  You would have to open the blower door and investigate around the blower wheel, check to make sure the blower wheel free spins and is not starting to bind up. There should be a shut off switch by the fan section to turn power off while you investigate. Your filter may be plugged up also. Your indoor coil inlet side may be extremely dirty, all the above can make a whirring sound. Now if you complained of noise, you would have to check to make sure the blower section is not scraping  ( blower wheel ) or your missing screws, or the blower housing is loosing up. The blower door usually is a 5/16" hex screws

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