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I have a Lennox 10ACB36-12P central a/c compressor.  It is not running and it's going to be over 90 degrees outside every day this week! Help!  I checked the breaker, it's fine.  There is air blowing from the vents inside but it is not cool.  It's just barely cooler than the air in the house.  Occasionally the compressor will make a slight buzzing sound for a bit and then quit.  What do I need to replace?


If your positive the buzzing sound is from your compressor ,it may be locked up and trying to start, the excessive amperage draw trips the compressor internal overload .( buzzing noise stops ) then when the overload resets the buzzing noise starts.You need to let the compressor cool down ( if hot to the touch ) You may be able to install a hard start kit ( if your system does not have one ) to help the compressor start. also try replacing the compressor run capacitor. If it does not start chances compressor is bad. You do not state when was the last time your system was serviced or how old the unit is. Again the above guide is if your positive the noise is from the compressor. Touch the compressor should not be hot to the touch,unless bound up.You can also check the three wires at the compressor ( use inspection mirror if difficult to see ) and check to make sure the three hook ups at the compressor are not burnt or rotting and have a good contact with the compressor terminals  

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