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Hello Mr. Barnhart and thanks for taking my question.

We purchased our house in 1993.  It's a two story and it's here in Las Vegas.  We have two electric air conditioner units on the roof and they are serviced regularly.  

We have one bedroom on the top floor that is directly above our garage and is usually the toughest room to keep cool in the summer.  Some air conditioning repair people have just visited my wife (I'm at work) and told her that she needs additional insulation because (and I'm paraphrasing here) twenty years of dust and dirt has caused the insulation in our house to deflate and become useless.  I have never heard of this before.  I know you can add additional insulation and increase the R factor, but I've never heard of insulation becoming non functional just because of its age.

Is the repair man telling the truth or is this a scam?  If you need additional details, please write back to me.  And once again, thank you for your time and expertise on this question.

I'm not an "Expert" on insulation but all types of insulation are not the same.
If your talking blown in insulation in the attic over a period of time that type of insulation can settle and loose some of it's "R factor", insulation batts in an outside wall space or in a ceiling rafter space is not likley to get less effective over a hundred years or so.
The things to take into consideration in cooling an area is the construction of the area on all sides, top and bottom, windows, window coverings, shade, exposure to the eliments.
You need the proper amount of cooling delivered to the room through the proper sized system.
Is it more difficult to cool the space now then it was twenty years ago? What changes have occued in the last twenty years?

Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC

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