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I recently had a maintenance service call on my HVAC. It wasn't broken but maybe not blowing as cold as used to. Unit/House is 12.5 years old. The tech checked the system and said that it needed 1.5 pounds of coolant which he added and charged me $211. Also said that the system was probably leaking since it needed coolant but the leak check would be an additional $250 and there was also a burnt contractor that, although working, should be replaced at $300. He stated that given the age of the system I should consider replacing it to the tune of $17,000. The house is about 2600 sq. ft. 2 story center foyer colonial 12 + years old.

Does all of this sound reasonable to you?


The $211 to check your system and add a couple of pounds of refrigerant sounds reasonable.  The cost to do the leak check might be normal depending on how long it takes to find the leak etc.  The cost to replace the contactor, which costs a few dollars and take a few minute seems a bit high too.  The price tag to replace your system seems outrageous to me, though I do not know exactly what you have or need.  I would call out at least one or two more.  You might even try Sears or Home Depot as something to compare to.  We just installed a new 20 ton commercial unit for 15K!


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