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I have a Whirlpool air conditioner axl 190 30 . Old but chills great.is clean and new filter. cooling part shut's off after 5 min or so, as if it reached it's desired coolness. fan keeps running. Don't have water run out drain hole like I normally would. I can shut off for 10 min. turn on same thing. seems like a thermostat issue. worked fine till I turned it on this year. A part name and schematic would be very helpful. am mechanically able.   Thank you    Dru

Hi Dru,
I have looked online and can not find a wiring diagram. First thing to do is turn off the breakers for the furnace and A/C. Then remove the stat to expose the wiring terminal. Then jumper from "R" to "Y" and to "G". Turn the breakers back on, if the unit runs and starts cooling then your stat is bad. If it does the same thing, then we have to move on to the condensing unit.

Check to see if the contactor is closed. you can usually see the contacts. Or put a voltmeter on the contactor coil and see if you have 24V. If the contactor is closed and the unit is not running then you have a problem in the condensing unit. Your best bet at this point is to call a service company to check it out. For us to continue you would need a set of refrigerant gauges and a ampmeter.
let me know what happens.

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