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My question is a general question about window AC unit operation. I have a 6000BTU unit in our bedroom which is approximate. 12 x 14. In the day when the temperature is 85 - 90 I can run this on medium fan and set a little past half on the dial (yes it is a dial, not digital),and it has that nice cool, crisp, feeling. My wife says it is cold. At night our outside temperature usually falls into the 60s and without changing any settings it gets warm in the room at night. For some reason the unit does not cycle as often. We have two 5000BTU units in our boys bedroom with the same results. Is this normal for window units. Is it due to position in window being close to outside air?
Thank you.

I don't understand the question "Is it due to position in window being close to outside air?"
Being 30 degrees cooler outside at night I would think your units would cycle less.
I don't know exactly how your units are programmed as far as the blower running and the compressor running.
Window units are not my line.

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