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We had some one come out to check on our air conditioner. It is working fine but the compressor was getting a little loud and wanted it to be checked out. They came out and said the coils and blower were dirty and came back to clean them out. For this they charge $500 for 5.5 hours of labor, no materials. Then the repair man then said that the coils were blocked with debris and the compressor was breaking apart. They then stated that the coils and condenser had to be cut out, install new coil and condenser, flush out line - $4800.00. I had another repair man come out and said yes the compressor was a little loud but there was nothing wrong and it was efficient. He quoted me a price of $1800 for a new unit.
I would like your input on what I think is an exorbitant charge for this service.
Thank you,
Gail S.

The $4,800.00 sounds like a rip off.
The the $1800 sounds reasonable but I don't know what size your talking or the degree of difficulty.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thanks you for your quick reply. The $4800 charge was for: cutting out the coil and condenser by removing the heater. Install new coil and condenser, flush out line and hook up parts. They also said that the compressor was coming apart and blowing debris in the coils-True?? The other service man said that to replace the 5 ton compressor would be in the $1800 range. We have no problem in keeping the house cool so I would think that if the coils and condenser were that dirty and blocking flow we would be noticing that the system would not be cooling. I just think that they were taking advantage of senior citizens. What I was questioning was the $100 per hour labor charge in the original service call.
Thanks for your reply,
Gail S.

Everything you say that the 4800 person told you is scare tactics, they just want your money.
A $100 an hour makes me cringe but that seems to be the going rate now days.
I had some mechanical work done on my car the other day at $100 per hour for labor, the guy spent most of the time on coffee break.

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