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Id appreciate your opinion on the following:
I'm having the following issue with a Goodman 2 ton SEER 14 AWUF Air Handler Installed two months ago. Since the beginning I've noticed that about one minute before the unit cycles off, there is an noticeable increase of speed which translates to a surge of air and increase noise--both of which are waking me up. It doesn't happen 100% of the time but very frequently and particularly at night.
I've had the installers come and they have tweaked the system with no noticeable changes. Goodman was called and they said this is normal "as designed", which I find ridiculous.  They said the surge is to wash out the water droplets that form on the coils before turning off. I sincerely do not believe this and even if it were true it unacceptable.
Apparently the motor is an X13 which the tech says runs in this pattern. I asked the installer if a Carrier unit would do the same and they said it probably would if it had an X13. As I have been complaining since the installation two months ago,I just think they are avoiding the issue in order to not replace the unit.

Arturo Meneses

I have not heard of this problem before?
I don't know exactly what your air handler consists of, if it is more then a single stage, if it's an air handler only, if it's not associated with a heating system, there are lots of different air handlers with the Goodman name.
I don't have air handler manuals so I can't get any information other then taking the time to research or looking at it.

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