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Hi Craig:

I am in the process of finishing an 1158 square ft open concept basement in an 11 year old home in Pennsylvania. The house is equipped with a 2 stage heat pump central air/heating system covering the 2 upper levels (not the basement). I have reached the point where I am trying to decide between 2 options: Option 1-mini split or option 2-tapping into the exposed duct work in the basement to provide heat and AC. My concern with option 2 is whether the HVAC is properly sized to handle the additional square footage. How can I determine this and is option 2 something I should even be considering? Thanks in advance.

If I had to guess, I would say the existing unit is not going to be large enough, if it was not planned when the system was installed.  Adding 1158 sq ft requires a good bit of capacity. Normally that amount of capacity is just on there on small systems.   If you are still thinking about venturing down that road, then a heating and cooling load calculation of the entire house has to be done.  Based on the results of the calculation, it can be determined if there is enough capacity with the existing system.


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