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I live in a manufactured home. The furnace is electric. The air is a unit outside. I don't seem to have a cold air return but there is a flex duct coming out of the ceiling above the furnace. It is not connected to anything. Is this the cold air return and should it be hooked up? The air blowing from the vents is minimal.

Hi Fred,
I have worked on several manufactured homes. From what I have seen this is the old flue pipe that comes out of the ceiling above the furnace. This may or may not be what you have. Is this flex duct round and made out of metal? How long have you lived there and did it have a gas furnace in the past?

The door to your furnace closet should be slotted and that acts as your return air. If that is the case then you need to cap off the old flue. You can buy a cap at Home Depot.

The low airflow out of the vents could be caused by several things. Make sure it has a clean filter. The acoil may be dirty or the fan. In air conditioning mode the fan should be running on high speed. If you need help checking these, send me the model numbers of of the outside unit and furnace. If you want to know how old the units are send me the serial numbers.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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