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QUESTION: Carrier central/heat air unit. One level home. Unit is not over a year old. I rent, and was living here years before unit was installed.
Pump stops working. Maintenance person finds clog in drainage pipe at the inside unit, clears it. Pan was not checked, coils, not checked. Pump starts working fine. Water leaked onto carpet, absorbed that up after shop vac. Notice ammonia smell, I clean all the carpets with steam cleaner. Ammonia smell still there. Its in the entire house now. Ive smelled everything in this house many times, including floor. No smell. I noticed smell is coming from vents in house that are in ceiling. I am 110% sure.  Also, there are light brown spots on all vents in house. No condensation on vents, no spots on ceiling. If this has anything to do with the situation, just giving you all details.
I do have cats, but this is not the problem. And all this smell started after the problem with heat/air unit. Ive read about this happening to others, even when they have no pets.  Maintenance guy will be back tomorrow to check this problem. I honestly cant live like this.

ANSWER: Vicki,
Who knows what all the "Maintenance guy" did or pored into the drain?
The condensation is just from the humidity already in the air,
I don't know where it drains to, that was the installers choice, also how the drain line is ran? also the instalers choice, if you could discribe the run of the line it minght help.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: He didnt pour anything in drain. He used something the shape of a pencil to poke down into the drain pipe and it pushed the clog through. The drain pipe comes out beside the outside unit.

There is nothing associated with the inside unit that might give off an "Ammonia" smell unless some how something got added or sucked in,
The reason I asked about how the drain was run is because usually it empty's into a sewer drain of some sort and can get a backup but if it just goes through the wall and drains to the outside I don't know what the answer might be?  

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