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I have a Goodman ARUF303016BA UNIT. The fan runs all the time. the unit does not shut off during heating or cooling when proper room temp is reached.

replacing thermostat did not solve problem.

Is there a way to test the fan blower control board or should I just replace it?

Is there something else I should check first?


Goodman uses time on and time off for the fan relay. First verify that there is no 24 volt ac at the fan relay COIL.if there is not, chances are the relay points are not opening up to turn off the blower.You can buy a standard relay with 24 volt coil and a couple normally open and closed set of contacts.A rbm relay cost less than $30.00. You can also pull the blower motor wires off the time delay relay while power is off and ohm out the contacts.If the contacts read closed they probably welded shut.with no power to the relay the contacts are suppose to be open.If this is a heat pump with electric heat one of your heat sequencer relay fan contacts
May be welded shut. Look at wiring diagram inside air handler to see how the blower motor is hooked up to.Basically how the fan relay works.  

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