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Hi there, we live in Ontario Canada so temps are warm in the summer and cold in the winter. We are looking at finishing the basement (1200 sq ft) from it's current "bare wall" state. Before I start to frame it I was wondering if I should leave the vents coming out of the ceiling from where my builder put them, or if I should move it so that the  round duct pipe down the wall and put a register for the heat and a/c from just above the floor? If it makes a difference we plan on dry-walling the ceiling and having pot lights in there as well.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

First, the basement should be a separate zone with its own thermostat. That'll require some duct modifications, adding zone controls, etc.

Second, you're in a heating climate (The highest Ontario design temperature is 6F!!!), so do locate the outlets near the floor.

Assuming you have an oil or gas furnace, seal all the return ductwork within the room containing the furnace and provide a basement return grille outside that room.


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