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My a/c (the compressor unit that's outaide) at home had a prob in which according to the person who replaced the part, ants or small lizard got inside the couduits (pipes) that protect the wires, and produced a short circuit that burned the part. After this problem, I'm looking for a way to "plug" the electrical pipes to prevent ants and other small animals from getting there. Would you please explain what can be done, and what to use?

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Go to the electric department in some place like Lows or Home Depot and get some water tight fittings to fit your type and size conduit.

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I'm not sure what type of fittings you refer to, but there are electric wires running inside the tubes, I can't close them completely.

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I'm not an electrician so I don't know the technical names of the conduit fittings, All I know is that there are "Water Tight Fittings" for conduit that keeps water from getting inside the conduit joints and connections mainly used for outside purposes to keep the rain water or garden hose water out.
If you have a Lowes, or Home Depot, Ace Hardware store near you go and ask a sales person in the electric department what they have for your problem? I would think you could simply seal off an opening that a bug could get through with some putty.
If it were me I would spray the joints lightly with bug spray first and then putty them closed.
I don't know if you have seen any of these buggy critters yourself but it sounds fishy to me.

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