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how do I oil fan motors on a York H1CC012-H1CC060?  Manual suggests oiling after several years but does not show how to do it.  We've had unit since 1981 & never been oiled to my knowledge. We bought the house in 2001.  Unit also is setting unleveled due to drought conditions & never been cleaned to my knowledge. We put in freon & stop leak which unit is now cooling very well.  Then a few days ago at end of blowing cycle we would hear some "clatter"--it sounds like something hitting blades but we don't see anything--Bearing?   Thanks for your help

Hi Rita,

As you know the unit is over 30 years old and is way past its expected life span. But I am all for trying to keep them running. First thing I would do is shut the outside unit down and if you can take the top off. The motor and fan blades will come off with top. Check to see if the motor and blades are secure. Sometimes the motor comes lose and starts shaking. It sounds like the blades might be hitting the fan guard. While you have the top off go ahead and clean the coil. First spray it from the inside out then spray the outside.

I have not seen a motor that can be oiled in years, so I am really testing my memory. Look for a small cap on either end of the motor. The cap has like a hinge that you can pull open with your finger and when released will go closed. Put oil in every one you can find.

Try to level the unit with bricks or anything you have around the house. An unlevel unit makes it easier for the oil to become trapped and won't get back to the compressor.

Hope this helped you.

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