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I have a TRane hvac. Called for service because unit appears to intermittently freeze up and not cool. Service man told me the TXV was sticking causing the unit to freeze up. He told me the cost would be 525.00 to replace plus the cost of any refrigerant that was lost during the install.

My question is does the cost appear to be a fair price?

Correctly installed, an HVAC residential system can give many years of troublefree service with yearly maintenance and cleaning.  Unfortunately, these systems are made up of expensive parts that require their replacement with involved procedures.  The replacement of a TEV is one of these complicated repairs necessary to restore correct operation.  It is my opinion that the price is not out of line.

Just one thing here, was/is there any change the duct system that causes reduced air flow, which can cause coil freeze up?  The person who diagnosed the TEV failure ruled out reduced air flow as a cause.


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