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I have an outside boiler which heats my house (about 2,500 SF) works fine but I would like to add (2)two steam radiators (one in one of the bedrooms and the other in my outside greenhouse).  Since these radiators were designated for steam I realize that they are different and will probably require some added TLC to function correctly.  

What did I need to do to make them works correctly?

Do you have photos of the radiators?  please send them if you do.

Also, Due to the fact that radiators "radiate" heat, cast iron radiators may not be the best choice to temper greenhouses.  They can overdry plants, provide uneven heat, and will send the radiant heat to the outdoors directly through the glass of the greenhouse $$.  Most greenhouses use fan powered coils made by Modine, and others.  Some use heat in the ground with radiant pipe.


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