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Hi Jim,
My wife is converting our screened porch to a hair salon (one dryer unit).  We are having the porch glassed in with Low-E gas-filled windows so there will be lots of sunlight allowed in.  The porch is on the South side of the house and gets lots of sun (especially in the summer).  We are located in Richmond, VA so the temps can get very hot here in the summer!  I will be using fiberglass roll insulation in the crawl space under the flooring which consists of the original decking boards, topped with 3/8" underlayment and laminate hardwood flooring.  The square footage of the room is 12'w x 15'l x 8'h (1440 cubic feet).  We want to install a mini-split ac/heat unit but are not sure what capacity rating it should have for the size and conditions of the room.  We would like to be able to maintain a year-round temp of approximately 72 degrees.  Can you recommend what specs I should be looking for in a mini-split (I'm looking at the Fujitsu brand) that will handle these requirements efficiently?  Many thanks!

To get an exact BTU size you need to do a ,heat loss, heat gain, calculation, which involves an exact description of all the construction plus inside and outside temperatures, equipment, people load, etc. etc, & a manual for converting to btu's

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