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My 13yr.old Frigidare side by side started melting frozen food the other day I removed food and took panel to evaporator coil off & found no frost on coils except where cap tube joins evap. figured sealed system had a freon leak. but after starting to shop for a new frig. a day later the temp went back down to 12degrees & evap.coil is evenly frosted again. So can I safely assume this is a restriction & how could I cure it ? I am an HVAC guy by trade but not familiar with Refrigerator restrictions. I do have torch, R-12, vaccume, recovery mach, if needed......With one income and kids in colledge I would love not to buy a New frig.@ $1k and have the sticktuitiveness to get it repaired with a bit of advice to put me on the path to the correct repair.   Can you HELP ME PLEASE ?     Allen

Normally we evacutate the system....blow the entire system out with nitrogen.  Next install a filter dryer and then vacuum down to at least a 30 inch vacuum.  Next charge to factory specs with the factory specifed charge (can be found on the model number/serial number id plate).  Once satisfied charge is perfect, can off the process tube and Alas....you are finished...    

Good Luck, Eric

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