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Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC/saftey&cost of an a.c./htr system mnfctd.06/2002


I have a close friend that's home owner that owns a house and he is moving out and he wants to sell me his Bryant ruud a.c./htr. home system model no. uamb-036jaz serial no. 6263f230220893 volts 208-230 phase I hertz-60 compressor r.l.a. 16.0/16.0 l.r.a 88 outdoor fan motor f.l.a.2.0 h.p. 1/3 circuit ampacity 23/23 amp. max fuse or ckt.brkr size 35/35 amp min fuse or ckt brk size 30/30 amp dsgn pressure high 300 psig/2068 kpa dsgn prssr low 150 psig/1034 kpa along with a heater system which I don't know the info for the heater system,i do know it is indoors that's joined with the a.c., he is asking for the cost of 1200.00 dollars,is this a good price,i also know their is an extra cost to install from a liscensed and certified technition ,so would you know a round park price range to install?and as for safety question my wife made calls to different techs. and their replies where not to purchase cause their is going to be changes with the frione that this a.c. system uses,dont understand that with the frione, if their is can you help me in explaining or was that just a sales pitch to try and purchase from them instead? please help I need an honest expert answer and this is why im texting this message!THANK YOU SO MUCH ,DANNY,LOPEZ

To me, $1200 seems a bit high for a 10 year old unit that is only going to give you another few years.
Most of the numbers you gave do not help me.  I have no idea what kind of heat, nor do I have any idea what your home's heating/cooling requirements are.  I do not know if this size unit will work for you.
The unit likely uses R-22.  R-22 is the refrigerant in the system and it is being phased out.  The cost of it is getting very expensive right now.  


Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC

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