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I am getting bids on installing a 2 zone system in my 2 story home.
I have a 5 ton unit and about 1500sq ft. downstairs and 1000sq.ft. upstairs.Unit is in upstairs closet on landing and so is thermostat.
The downstairs rooms are very difficult to heat, and I always have to close ALL vents upstairs every winter.  This is not ideal because I hear the force of the air blowing against the registers, and it just seems uncomfortably cold downstairs(unless it is turned up so high you Die upstairs)The registers are in the ceilings on both levels (this is a 2nd story remodel)
It has been suggested I put in a 2 zone system and put the unit in the attic. I don't know anyone who has done this, but in theory it makes sense.  I virtually never need heat upstairs (southern Calif), but its an old house with a crawl space and the downstairs is always cold in the winter. I have bids from $5,000 to $6500 using my furnace but adding a new coil, changing ducting, new thermostat downstairs etc. Does this sound reasonable?

Pricing something like this project out over the internet is just not possible.  There are too many variables that have to be considered.  I will just say this, you might be better off in the long run with two units, rather then a zone system.  If the system you have right now is getting older that is something to consider.  Two units, one up and one down, should give you better control over the heating and cooling loads in your home.


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