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My indoor blower motor will not start to cool the house. It slowly started having problems over 3 weeks where it would only come on at night and in the morning when it was cool. Once it started it would come on. Now its completely dead. When I start it there is no humming, click or any sound. No water or burnt smell present.

Capacitor and motor were replaced 2 years ago and looks good. Relay maybe?

Model# gmp050-3

Thank you

You need to check and make sure the motor is getting power  when it should run?
If the motor is getting power it should run.
If the motor isn't getting power the proublem is else where.
First start with an electric tester or rig up a lamp cord or something and connect it to the two power wires going to the moter, rig the blower compartment door or feed the wire through an opening with the blower door in place so that the safty switch is connected.

Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC

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