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one year ago we built an efficiency here in florida & a mitsubishi mini split air conditioner was installed.. we have just returned from a 5 month trip (whilst away we left the ac at 78 deg) we returned to find a terrible musty smell and a fine white mold growing on the furniture etc..plus the ac unit was thick w/ black mold everywhere inside.. upon inspection the ac technician said this was due to the holes (where the air lines come through the wall that were neglected to be filled w/ foam upon the initial installation and were therefore not sealed, pulling in wet air from outside..
they are coming back tomorrow to clean the unit..

my question is, has my unit been working overtime b/c of this, putting undue strain upon it and therefore has it used more electricity during this time?
should i request a new unit?
please help :(

I doubt it, but replacing the indoor section might be the only way to be sure it's free of mold.

You should consider bringing in an Industrial Hygienist who specializes in mold studies, to go through the efficiency and the AC, to make sure it's safe to live there.


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