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I had a fire and it burned the thermostat wire from the ac unit outside.   My heating unit is in the attic, both are all electric.  My question is, until I receive a check from the insurance company I can't afford to have an electrician come out.  How hard is it to replace the thermostat wire?  I'm sure that after the wire comes into the house it's ok.  Just the wire from the unit to the hole in the wall is burnt and melted.  It's been close to 100 degrees here and I really need some relief.  I have totally remodeled my house, I just haven't worked with the heating and cooling.  Any help would be great

Replacing the wire is not rocket science.  The wire ought be sold at home improvement/hardware stores.  The key is wiring the unit correctly.  Since I do not know anything about your unit, I can not even begin to tell you how to wire it up. If you give me the make and model, I will see if I can get the wiring diagram to wire it up. I think you should have an HVAC contractor take care of the thermostat wire. There could be other issues as a result of the wiring burning up that and electrician will not know how to fix.


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