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Hello Marcus,
         I woke up early this morning and could hear my outside ac unit making a terrible noise and smoking . It was colder than usual here last night and we had the heat on - do you think the stress of the cold damaged my system? Thanks for your time

        Good Morning - It sounds like you have a heat pump system because the condenser was operating in heat. A heat pump if it gets cold enough outside and has a long enough run time, will go into a defrost cycle to remove the heavy frost build up that forms on the condenser ( outside unit ). When the unit goes into defrost the condenser fan stops, refrigerant flow reverses to generate heat to clear frost. When this happens to unit it is often very noisy and steam - not smoke - comes off unit . We get multiple calls every year for this very same circumstance. Once the defrost is complete, the unit goes back to normal operation. Hope this helps . Marcus  http://www.airzero.com  

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