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"We think we might need to buy a new HVAC system for gas heat and air
conditioner. We have never purchased one before so need advice as to what is the
best to buy for a small 1286 square foot home.
Also which is the best quality so repairs are minimal and also runs quietly. The
one we have now is very noisy plus we hate to keep putting money into it as it
is more than 10 years old. (It was here when we bought the house 10 years ago.)
Need heat right now so have called repair man but looking for advice as to what
to buy. We live in south Texas so have brutal summer heat and a short winter but
with some temps that are below freezing.  


Quieter units have a compressor sound blanket, usually higher you go with the SEER rating they get quieter. I do not do a lot of homework question and would ask you to research particular models to see the DB rating ( decibal rating ) In my opinion if you want to keep repairs to a minimal I would stay away from super high SEER rated two stage inventor technology units. They have very expensive parts and many more parts that coils fail vs a standard HVAC unit. Repair cost would be a premium. I would go with a standard 13 -15 SEER single stage with a multi-speed furnace or variable speed furnace ,with a two stage gas valve. All manufactures make very little of their own parts, For example the furnace, manufactures make the heat exchanger and the metal cabinet, the rest of the functioning parts such as the blower motor ,gas valve, control board ,flame sensor, all your safty controls ,power ventor motor etc. etc. are made by others .Same applies for the A/C ,the only part they make is the coil and metal cabinet. The heart of the A/C system ,the compressor is made by someone else .Only one manufacture still makes their own compressor. All the functioning parts, condensor motor, fan blade, relays ,capacitors etc.etc. are pretty much made in 2nd world countries and are supplied by Vendors to all the manufactures. What separates a low repair cost unit to a high repair cost unit ,has a lot to do with a quality install and a correctly sized ductwork layout. Setting the static pressure to manufacture spec. And the refrigerant charge ( for cooling ) to manufactures spec. The placement of the outdoor unit is also critical . Having unit serviced occasionally and replacing the air filter regularly , will increase life and keep repair cost down, not brand name.

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