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Justin wrote at 2015-08-19 17:43:43
Being an appliance repairman and having done a lot of sealed systems, I can tell you first hand.  It does not matter if it's a restriction low refrigerant or a bad compressor.  The gauges should read somewhere around 0 PSIG while the compressor is running.  If the gauges read lower than that it means that the compressor is starving for refrigerant.  If that the case or shall I say In any situation, the factory recommends replacing the entire system.  If there is a leak charging the system will not fix your problem it will only put off the inevitable.  In addition to charging a system that's leaking the technician himself can be fined up to 10k for knowingly allowing refrigerant into the atmosphere.  That price was not unreasonable, and to replace a complete "Sub-Zero" system typically takes 3- 3.5 hours.  

Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC

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